• The scholarship money available is the interest from congregational investments for the St. Paul’s Scholarship Fund. The principal amount of the money is not to be given as gifts.
  • A student must be a communicant member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
  • All scholarship interest money for a given year shall be divided equally among the applicants.
  • This fund is open to everyone going to college or vocational school. It does not apply to graduate school.  It is designed to help those who are striving to achieve their first post-high-school degree.  Part-time students, taking nine hours or less a year, are eligible for one-half of the scholarship grant.  The school year shall be considered the fall term through the summer term.
  • Gifts are intended to be used for tuition or classroom materials connected with the student’s education. If the student does not attend in the year stated on the application or terminates schooling prior to one month into the school year, the money is to be returned to the Scholarship Fund.
  • Checks from the fund will be made payable to the student and enclosed with a letter stating that the gift of money is to be used for tuition or classroom materials.
  • Application for the gift is to be made by June 30th prior to the beginning of the school year in which it is to be used. Application forms are sent to prospective students and also available on the church website and in the church office.
  • Applicants will be asked to write a one-to-two-page paper. The topic is described in an accompanying letter from Pastor Evandro Kopper and the Board of Stewardship.

St. Paul’s Scholarship Fund Application and Guidelines (College)