The teams of ushers at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church are a very important body of volunteers who are trained to maintain courtesy, quietness and reverence as they go about their many duties. They are often the first friendly face a visitor encounters when arriving at our church and they routinely assist congregation members in a variety of ways such as:

  • Welcome all who enter the sanctuary
  • Guide visitors to needed services (elevator, nursery, restrooms, etc.)
  • Distribute bulletins and children’s activity packs before services begin
  • Ring church bell to signal the start of services
  • Clear the center aisle for the procession at the beginning of services
  • Monitor doors for security during services
  • Collect offerings
  • Guide communicant members to the altar for Holy Communion
  • Release the congregation in an orderly manner at the close of services
  • Tidy up the sanctuary after services
  • Monitor lights, fans, and doors for the comfort of the congregation
  • Take attendance

Our usher staff faithfully works behind the scenes to ensure that our services run smoothly and those in need of direction or assistance can easily find help. While the work they do may not be noticed by many who attend St. Paul’s, you can be confident that everyone who attends benefits from their diligence.

For a current usher schedule please see the Bulletin Board.