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The Reverend Dr. Peter Kurowski has served as a pastor in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod since 1978. He has served as pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran in California, Missouri since 1994. In addition to his pastoral calling he has served as a guest chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, a representative of Air Force War College, a speaker for The Lutheran Hour, author of Portals of Prayer, first vice president of the Missouri District of the LCMS, Kiwanis of California president, and been an active member of the California Ministerial Alliance. He grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has served in parishes up and down the Mississippi including New Orleans. A frequent radio speaker and keynote speaker to pastors and church professionals, he and his wife of 42 years, Janice, reside in the Midwest California, just 30 minutes west of Jefferson City. He received his doctorate from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri in 1996 writing on the subject of end times paradoxes in the Bible.

Pastor Pete has written 2 additional books, “Lifelines of Love”  and “If in Doubt, Pass Out”, he currently is waiting on the publisher for the books to arrive.










Pets in Paradise

Pets In Paradise is a book that shows how from Genesis to Revelation the Bible teaches the full restoration of planet earth. This includes the good news fruit of animals in heaven and Pets In Paradise. This comforting theological thread is at first easy to miss but hard to dismiss once you see it. When Jesus died on the cross the scope of salvation was not only all mankind but the regeneration of all things. Wonderful gospel surprises await the reader of this happy little book! Paperback, 121 pp., $10.00

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The Cure For Racism: Two Trees

The sad reality today is that most people don’t want to talk about racism. It is a rising problem and it is not helped by all the race baiters and progressive regressive thinkers who pour verbal gasoline as fuel to stoke this problem. The Cure For Racism: Two Trees is not only the most frank book on this subject but it offers huge hope. It provides the only solution that has worked well in history. The big surprise of the book will be the personal comfort you receive through massive dosages of the gospel.  Paperback, 248 pp., $10.00

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IMG_0361The Seduction of Extremes

Most people don’t know what the two dark ditches of life are. What are the two extremes? Equally important, how do we avoid them? In Seduction of Extremes Dr. Kurowski has written what many pastors have called “another groundbreaking book.” The book is based on his doctorate on theological paradoxes—gospel tools given to us by the Spirit to steer between legalism and lawlessness, authoritarianism and anarchy. In our age of extremism with religions of force and ideologies of farce, The Seduction of Extremes provides a timely diagnostic tool and cure rooted in Christ Jesus, the Absolute Paradox. Paperback, 178 pp., $10.00

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IMG_0358The Everlasting Angel and The Real Magic

Elizabeth Scheperle and Pastor Pete have teamed up once more to tell the story of how Jesus split the Red to save God’s people, took down slavery in Egypt in one day, and gave to the world the foundation for freedom. As they tell this story they present a love story that will be helpful for all people, but especially young adults. Paperback, 382 pp., $10.00                                                                                                    

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IMG_0365The Everlasting Angel and The Mountains of Fire

Elizabeth Scheperle and Dr. Kurowski present a fast moving Christ-centered exposition of Genesis in a form that young and old alike will enjoy. Written in historical novel form, The Everlasting Angel is ideal for children 12 and above, but adults also have given it wonderful reviews enjoying this Emmaus walk. Humor. Pathos. Aha moments—galore! Paperback, 339 pp., $10.00                                                          


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