Each elected member serves a three-year term and our Board shall:

  • discover the talents of the membership and enlist them in the congregational program.
  • assist in training lay workers.
  • work in close cooperation with the Circuit and District regarding stewardship matters.
  • work with the Board of Elders in the visitation of new members to make them feel that they are part of the congregation, and encourage them to become active in the church.
  • promote through available means Scriptural principles of Christian stewardship.
  • receive, count, and deposit all financial receipts.
  • submit a planned budget at the December Voters’ Assembly each year.
  • see that offering envelopes are made available to all communicants for contributions.
  • annually review the treasurer’s books.

The Pastor is an ex-officio member of this board.

The Treasurer is an advisory member of this board.