Each elected member serves a three-year term and our Board shall:

  • serve as assistants to the pastor, concern itself with the spiritual life of the congregation and, under his direction, be charged with the supervision of public worship, church discipline, and church publications.
  • encourage members who are neglecting the means of grace and who fail to share in the support of congregational endeavors.
  • welcome newly-received members and make every effort to bring them into the life and work of the congregation.
  • supervise the music for all services and cooperate with the organist, the choir director, and choir members in maintaining Biblical, Gospel-centered standards for all services.
  • supervise the work of the ushers’ staff and cooperate with the members of this group in maintaining proper church decorum at all services.
  • supervise the altar committee and encourage the members to achieve their objectives.
  • supervise the publications of the congregation and encourage the dissemination of Christian literature.
  • look after the temporal welfare of the pastor, and other church help, and make recommendations to the Board of Stewardship concerning salary and living conditions.
  • initiate steps toward any necessary corrections if the pastor, a teacher, or any member gives offense in doctrine or life in accordance with Matthew 18:15-18.

The Pastor is an ex-officio member of this board.

For a current Elder schedule please see the Bulletin Board.