In Case of Inclement Weather or Emergency Situations

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church recognizes the need to cancel services and events during inclement weather for the protection and safety of the members of our congregation.

Events for children and youth during the week will be cancelled whenever the California R-1 School District is closed or released early due to inclement weather.

Meetings or other events, with the exception of Sunday morning worship service, Sunday School and Bible Classes, will be cancelled at the discretion of the leader in charge of the event. The leader will notify those participating in such events or groups.

Sunday morning worship services will be cancelled at the determination of the Pastor along with the Board of Elders and Board of Trustees. The decision will take place by 7:30 a.m. that morning and communicated to the congregation as soon as possible. Please consult any of the following after 7:30 on Sundays:

  1. KRCG 13 News
  2. KOMU 8 News
  3. KMIZ 17 News
  4. The official church Facebook page – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, California, MO
  5. The church website –
  6. Via text message from the church for those who have signed up (if you have not signed up for Text Alerts and would like to, please contact Sara in the church office by email at, by phone at (573) 796-2735 or in person during regular office hours.).
  7. Church Office Phone – Voice mailbox greeting will inform congregation if services are cancelled.