(Below are thank you notes received by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.)

May 2019

Seminarian Daniel Fickemscher of Fort Wayne Seminary sends thanks to the Evening Guild for their gift to the seminary!

January 2019

My thanks go out to Pastor, Beth Jungmeyer, Diane Ott, Diane Wiecken, Sara Turner and Joy Kiesling for Christmas caroling outside my door at Bristol Manor. It was much appreciated and made my day.

Phil Hein

December 2018

Special thanks to Sara Turner, Debra Lake, Jason Jungmeyer, Chris Jungmeyer, Caydee Cooper, Katie Martin, Twilla Duvall and all of the parents who helped make the Christmas eve children’s program possible!

July 2018

To all my Dear Family and Friends,

I want to thank each and every one of you for the many wishes that have come. During my time in the hospital and at home while waiting for healing to do its work. Your visits, cards, calls and notes helped pass the time and keep up my hopes. Your prayers have been the important part as I know they came from the heart. So again, many many thanks I send. God bless you all, each and every friend.

Don Jungmeyer

July 2018

Thank you to all who donated diapers, wipes and more to the Lutherans for Life diaper shower! We appreciate each and every donation!

Diane Weicken

June 2018

Pastor Kopper’s Installation Service and Reception went off without a hitch thanks to so many wonderful people in the congregation. We are so thankful for all your planning and time spent making the day special for Pastor and his family. What a wonderful day it was to celebrate our new Shepherd!

A special thank you to Carla Templeton, owner of The Event Co., for donating the backdrop, linens, and other decorations that were used in the Martin Luther Room for the reception and were also used for St. Paul’s Child Care Center breakfast for mothers the following Friday.

Also, a very special thank you to Cathy Woods for her donation to the church of red table runners that were used at the Installation Reception. We greatly appreciate this gift and know that the runners will be used for special events in the future.

January 2018

To the Members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church:

Thank you so much for your support of our Shoes to Share Fundraiser to benefit CPI’s California Mural Project. With your help, we were able to collect 150 bags of shoes (3,750 pairs)! CPI expects to received about $1,500 from the shoes, and that should pay for all of the paint needed for the first mural to be painted in 2018. At the same time, the shoes will be used by men and women in developing countries to build micro-businesses that help to support their families. Working together, we can accomplish much to benefit the community and others.

Gratefully, California Progress, Inc.