~July 2018~

Our Bible themes for this past month have been the Armor of God, Jesus resurrection, David & Goliath, and the birth of Moses. The kids enjoyed making a craft for each part of God’s armor, and for David & Goliath they played games with uneven teams to learn the smaller team could still win!

Our Father’s Day Breakfast was a great success thanks to Janice Howard, Jennifer Dampf, Karen Stock, and Diane Weicken! Thanks to Burger Haus for donating biscuits and gravy and to Ms. Sara for making it! The children enjoyed this special event and delicious food with their dads, grandpas, and other special guys in their life. The kids also had made handprint cards for the guests.

We had a good turnout with our READ from the START event on June 5th. Guests enjoyed supper, the workshop, and taking home free children’s books!

Thank you to everyone who made St. Paul’s Picnic & Carnival a huge success! We had over 100 people in attendance- thanks for coming, inviting others, and bringing side dishes to share; we hope you had fun!

Through the Pie in the Face fundraiser we raised $519.25 for St. Paul’s Child Care Center! Thank you for donating to our 5 participants and thanks especially the first place “Winner” Sara Turner with $114.81! Pastor Kopper came in second $106.83, Marie Wickham third $102.74, Trevor Martin fourth $79.84, Tucker Friedmeyer the safest with $75.03. Thank you to Charles Turner and Sammy for winning the auction at $40 for Sammy to throw the pie!

Thanks to the volunteers who set up and ran the carnival games: Raven Kirk, Lydia Kincaid, Brooklyn Moseley, Barbara Hutchison, Peggy Scott, Jessa Kinchens, Glenda Ellis, Debra, Jack, William, & Mason Lake, Mark, Shawn, Rebekah & Sarah Inglish, Sara Turner, Brad, Charla, Tucker & Walker Friedmeyer.

Thank you to Kate Williams for baking the cookies for our Cookie Walk and to Leslie Powell, Glenda Hamilton, and Patricia Inglish for donating items for carnival. Thanks Pastor Kopper for leading chapel and doing the BBQ!

Thanks for helping set up & clean up to Pat, Mike & William Inglish, the Evangelism Committee & their families, and our church janitor Deryl Hall.

The Child Care Center is looking for volunteers this summer! Whether you can only come once or if you would like to come more often, we would love to have you here! The kids would love to learn about your hobby or job, hear you read a book, or just come by to chat and play. Please call 573-796-1997 or see the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex!

Marie Wickham, Director

Child Care Center Q & A…

How many church members have children at our daycare?  Currently, we have 12 children that are children of members.

How many non members have children at our daycare? We have 30 children of non members at this time.

Is there a designated time each day that a story from the bible is read? In addition to chapel each Friday, Bible time is each day from 11-11:30. Each week we focus on a different story or theme. We not only read the Bible story, we further ingrain the message with supporting activities. For instance, the children have been learning the story of boy Jesus at the temple. They loved playing, “Let’s Find Jesus!” with a Jesus figurine after answering questions about the Bible story.

Since the daycare opened, how many children has the daycare taken care of? How many are member or non member? 104 families (some families have more than one child), and 23 of those families have at least one parent as a member of our congregation.

How often take the children to visit the nursing homes? When they do go what type of activities do they do there? Once a month to read books, sing, do seasonal activities, crafts, or games.

What are the future goals of the daycare? Continue to offer high quality Christian childcare, as there is a high need of demand for this in our community. Every day families call to be added to our wait list. We also continue to pray for additional space, which would give us the opportunity to serve additional families in the future.

If anyone has questions please feel free to call Marie Wickham or Sara Turner at 573-796-1997. We would love to have visitors set up a time to come see the amazing things happening here every day, or better yet come volunteer to read or play games with the children. We teach the children the love of Jesus every day, and are also a witness to their families. Even if they are affiliated with a church, many of these families do not attend church regularly. For some families past and present, the Child Care Center might be the biggest Christian influence in their life, and perhaps the only positive connection to a church. We hope that we are planting a seed in the hearts of the families and especially the children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Many of the families have shared how grateful they are that their children come home telling Bible stories and singing songs about our Lord. Second-hand information is only a very small window to see the service St. Paul’s Child Care Center offers to our community and to these children’s futures; we hope you can schedule a visit!