~December 2017~

The kids really enjoyed going to Fischer Farms Pumpkin Patch, especially to jump and play in the corn! We had a lot of parents and grandparents able to come enjoy the day with us, and the kids got to take home a pumpkin!

We have focused on the letters H through K the past few weeks. For H we learned our hands are for helping, and how we can help each other every day. For the letter I, the kids made homemade ice cream for snack, and one day we froze fake plastic insects in ice and they learned about ice and how to get the insect out. For J we learned how to spell J-E-S-U-S and read ‘The Jacket I wear in the Snow’ and the kids graphed each of their own colors of jackets. They also got to pick their favorite flavor of jelly for a PB&J sandwich. For letter K, the kids were given toothpicks to make their own kebobs for lunch one day. Later they painted with “ketchup”, which was really just red paint in a ketchup bottle, but they had a blast! We read books about kings that week, but learned that Jesus is the best king of all!

For our November trip to the California Care Center, the kids made turkey decorations with the residents to decorate their rooms at the center. We have also been really talking about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and giving thanks to God always! The kids learned the story of the 10 lepers and to always remember to say thank you. The kids have loved sharing stories about all the blessings that God has given us!

Marie Wickham, Director